From Idea to Product

A single AI expert will follow your project from start to finish and make sure it’s perfect.  We will work as partners through the entire process.

Stage 1.


Come to us with your idea. If you don’t know how artificial intelligence can help you, get in touch with us and we’ll brainstorm what AI’s potential might bring to your business.  As long as you have data, odds are that there are hidden answers within.  Bring your imagination and you’ll probably not look at your business the same way again.





Stage 2.


We need to asses the feasibility of the project to make sure that data available and the current AI technologies can be leveraged to meet the goals cost-effectively.




Stage 3.


We will carefully plan every feature and AI algorithm that needs to be built to give us an very comprehensive and accurate plan.  The data preparation is the single-most important step once the scope has been completed.  Good, consistent data increases the success of a machine-learned model many times ove



Stage 4.

Code & Ship

The final step is to build, test and validate the models, confirm the behaviors are as expected, and lastly, deploy the AI into production.




Have a large and complex problem that you’d like submit as a challenge?

If you do and your problem meets the following 3 conditions:

  1. a problem or an opportunity that is 8 figures or greater,
  2. hasn’t been solved to date and has no likely solution in the near term,
  3. would have C-Level visibility and sponsorship,

you might qualify for a free in-depth data science analysis, consultation and proof-of-concept.

Click on the ‘Contact Us’ link, describe the problem you’d like to solve, and we’ll have our data scientists do a preliminary analysis on how best to frame and solve your challenge.


Contact us today to get started.

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